The following are the objectives of the Catholic Board of Education, Archdiocese of Karachi.

  • To ensure the provision of quality education to develop young people intellectually, morally, socially through academic and co-curricular activities so as to prepare them for life, work and citizenship.
  • To ensure all Catholic children receive an education as their basic right.
  • To ensure that the leadership of the educational institutions inspire confidence, openness and trust and encourage and support teachers in continuing their academic and professional development.
  • To govern all the educational institutions that is of and affiliated with CBE,K.
  • To  manage and maintain all the educational institutions that are of  the CBE,K
  • To develop and review academic, human resource, finance policies and procedures to ensure quality standards and effective management of the educational institutions.
  • To setup new educational institution and expand already existing institutions. 
  • To collect fee and fund, organize fund raising and receive grants, bequest and donations or other financial assistance for any of the above purpose, aims and objectives to be utilized for the aforementioned aims and objectives.
  • To engage in meaningful cooperation, and develop meaningful linkages and partnerships where and when required with public and private institutions at local, national and global levels to improve quality of education and administration of its institutions.
  • May acquire property for the CBE with the approval of the Archbishop of Karachi, with all rights and titles to the acquired property, vesting in, and exclusively belonging to CBE,K for CBE,K.
  • To do any and all things necessary and incidental to the attainment of the aims and objectives as set forth above.
  • It is declared that the several clauses of this Article 3 and all the powers mentioned in it are to be cumulative and in no case is the generality of the Article to be narrowed or restricted by any particularity of any other clause, nor by any general expression in the same clause or the application of any rule of construction “ejusdem-generis” or otherwise.

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